Maintainance of Lacquered furniture

Maintaining the Shine: How to Care for Lacquered Furniture

Lacquered furniture, with its glossy and elegant finish, has long been a favorite in homes. Piano Lacquer was always wondefull part of noble Furniture. StudioDesk furniture is not any different. While lacquer offers a durable surface, ensuring its longevity requires some tender loving care. If you’ve invested in beautiful lacquered pieces, like those available at, here are some essential maintenance tips to keep them looking new.

Understanding Lacquer

Before diving into care techniques, it’s beneficial to understand what lacquer is. Derived from the sap of the lac tree, it’s a clear or colored varnish that dries by solvent evaporation to produce a protective, hard, and shiny finish.

Crucial Care Points for Your Lacquered Pieces

  • Regular Dusting: Starting off, it’s essential to embrace the practice of using a soft, lint-free cloth for dusting. Given that dust particles can be abrasive, their consistent removal ensures the surface remains unscathed.
  • Beware of Water: Next, it’s worth noting that lacquer isn’t fond of water. In the event of spills, swift action is crucial. Furthermore, damp cloths for cleaning? Best to set them aside.
  • Opt for Gentle Cleaning Agents: Moving on, while it might be tempting to use your regular household cleaners, they can be detrimental to the lacquer finish. Instead, a mild soap diluted in water stands out as a safer choice.
  • Protection is Key: Subsequently, remember the small actions that make a difference. Placing coasters under drinks and protective pads under weighty items can be game-changers in maintaining the surface.
  • Shield from the Sun: Over the years, the persistent rays of direct sunlight can play havoc with the lacquer’s vibrancy. Thus, positioning your furniture thoughtfully or employing curtains is a wise move.
  • Annual Shine Boost: Lastly, to keep that glossy look intact, an annual application of a premium furniture polish wouldn’t go amiss.

To Conclusion

Lacquered furniture, with its sleek and shiny finish, adds a touch of sophistication to any room. With proper care, these pieces can remain the center of attraction for years to come. Explore the best of lacquered furniture designs at

The majority of our models has a high-quality lacquering finish. Please download the guide on how to maintain lacquered furniture here.

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