Outlet and B-Stock. What is that? What to expect?

This article is to explain what you can expect if you ever decide to purchase an item from our Outlet. You will notice that the product in our Outlet is marked as Demo or B-Stock item.

What is Demo product?

From time to time, we exhibiting on fairs and expose our desks there. It also happens that we send out some product to some Blogger or V-logger for review. The product is sent out, assembled, reviewed and shipped back to us. Such items can’t be sold as a brand new so it is offered with the discount in our Outlet section as a Demo product.


Every desk going through a quality check before it is packed. During the checking process, sometimes we discover a piece or more pieces which can’t pass the given standards. So usually these pieces are sent back to the production line and get through the whole process again. Sometimes it is easier to produce a new part than to repair because it takes more time and adds more operations to the process. For this reason, many times a repairing is economically questionable.
B Stock product is the product consist of one or more parts which didn’t surpass our strict quality standards during packaging.

Below are pics of some flaws on the material which didn’t surpass our quality check standards. Many would even not notice these flaws in lacquer or some small dent on the place which is not visible that much when the desk is assembled.


So is it worth to purchase demo item or B-Stock? If you want to save some money, there is nothing bad in considering to purchase one of our Demo or B stock items offered in our Outlet.

All Demo or B -Stock product will still be covered with our 5 Years structural guaranty but you will not be able to complain of lacquer finish.

We hope this makes your decision easier and check our Outlet section from time to time.

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