Beat 2.0 Series B&W
Beat 2.0 Series B&W
Beat 2.0 Series B&W
Beat 2.0 Series B&W
Beat 2.0 Series B&W
Beat 2.0 Series B&W
Beat 2.0 Series B&W

Beat 2.0 Series B&W

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Release date: January 2023

Beat 2.0. is the second generation of our most popular Beat Series. The compact and versatile desk provides enough space to accommodate 88 keys keyboards on a pull-out shelf and up to 4 U 19″  standard rack gear. The desk can be easily transformed from your home studio to an everyday desk.

Beat series

The new redesigned Beat 2.0 desk is an ideal home studio workstation for hobbyists and professionals with limited space. With its perfectly optimized ergonomic features and modern and sleek design, it makes your work a pure pleasure. This new version follows our signature looks with a sense for tiny details and aesthetics. Carefully planned to match the workflow of home or professional recording producers. Ergonomic workspace allows you to install up to 4 rack units that are within reach during production. The new in-height adjustable pull-out keyboard tray will hold up to 88 keys keyboards or controllers (up to recommended 15 kg and 13 cm in height) while leaving you enough leg space under the tray. Its pull-out tray can be pulled out up to 27 cm. The lock mechanism will keep the tray in place while extended. The top shelf has a cut-out that gives you the ability for your monitor to be placed on the main desk surface bringing the monitor in perfect eyesight. The Beat’s spacious top shelf is angled towards you to ensure that your speakers and you are positioned in the sweet spot. The space reserved for the video monitor is big enough to accommodate a 34″ screen in between speakers. This design is made for the usage of one bigger monitor rather than using two. To give your desk a look of extreme elegance, we close the design out with High glossy lacquered accent elements on the sides, available in different colors. Should you want to exchange accents in the future, both accents and padded armrests are easily exchangeable.  In this new design, we added a padded armrest in the same color to match side-high glossy lacquered accents. 

Beat 2,0 Series is here to provide you with an elegant and ergonomic workspace with all the features known by professional studios. Its modern and futuristic design will give you joy and inspire you. The desk is the centerpiece of your studio and statement how serious you are about your business. Beat 2.0 Series is a compact but professional workstation to serve you for many years to come.


Technical specs
  • Solid build from MDF board 
  • Legs made from 38 mm MDF, lacquered in satin matte finish
  • Side accents finished in High Glossy finish in White color
  • Desk boards made from 25 mm MDF, lacquered with a matte finish
  • 4 U standard 19″ rack space ( additional 2U space in the middle is optional) 
  • Spacious and angled top shelf’s for audio monitors
  • Pull-out keyboard tray for 88-key keyboard
  • Soft Padded armrest 
  • Cable management bar under the desk
  • Cable Inlay
  • Maximum keyboard size: W 1490xD390xH between 96-125mm W58.66"xD15.35"x H between 3.77"- 4.92" 
  • Piano Height for keyboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • General dimensions: L 1646 x H 941 x D 843 / W64.80" x H37.04" x D 33.18" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Blake Desaulniers (Vancouver, CA)
Great desk

High quality build, nice finish and materials. Pretty easy to put together. Shopped for a few months before going with this desk. Very satisfied..

Oluwafemi Adamson (Chicago, US)
0 score

Table is nice, Very poor customer service. Had me take 600 pounds wood upstairs my self with no help after i paid for shipping and all.

Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our service, however we are specialised in producing premium furniture and has nothing to do with shippers. However we do care how the desk is delivered. For this reason the desk comes crated for maximum protection. This is essential for the safe delivery. Once you open the crate, boxes inside are small and can be carried easily. 
Shippers are not obliged to deliver your order inside your building or apartment especially in a Pandemic situation, which is clearly indicated here.
Just a short reminder, Shipping is free for all orders over 1600$ so you didn't have to pay for it.
StudioDesk Team

Sean Haley (Los Angeles, US)

This is an awesome desk. Perfect fit for the little nook I have it set up in. Easy to put together with a little help. Looks amazing with the piano black finish. I also set up some LED lights which give the desk a colorful background glow. I have 2 issues though. There's an issue with the sliding keyboard tray not sliding in fully. The "BEAT" piece is slightly off not lining up with the desk when extended fully. Other than that, well worth the purchase.

Hello Sean,

thanks for your review. Issues you were talking about are caused with assembly.
All brackets used on the desk has holes 7 mm in diameter to allow you fine adjustments when needed. If it happen that on one side bracket is completely moved towards out and on the other side moved towards in, this produce 2 mm offset preventing you from pushing main desk surface to the end. Try to release all brackets for a bit, push main desk surface in completely and in this position fasten brackets back. This should help. Same thing apply to issue with main desk surface not be leveled properly. This is all about the fine tuning.

jym presha (Windsor Mill, US)

The desk is incredible, I enjoy the size and convenience of space for my equipment. pretty easy to put together. Easier as a 2 person job. My only issue is when installing the sliding keyboard tray I was unable to get it to go in fully, sticks out, other that that 2 thumbs up.

Alan Schrader (Kansas City, US)
Professional Quality Workspace

From the moment my Studio Desk arrived in its 315lb shipping crate, I knew I'd made the right decision. Every part of this desk is sleek and professional, and it's completely transformed my studio space. It's the kind of center piece that brings everything together and gives it a purpose. The quality and efficient use of space is inspiring.

A couple of things I'll note:

First of all, I wasn't entirely prepared for just how heavy this thing is. Getting the pieces unloaded and moved around took a significant amount of time and effort.

Second of all, I highly recommend using the video guide to put this together. I actually found the printed version to be very hard to follow along with and some of the pictures weren't helpful at all. Another note: if you are purchasing the Beat Series Limited Edition, be forewarned that the video guide is for the regular version of the Beat Series, which doesn't have the top shelf that goes all the way across. Make sure you install the top shelf BEFORE you put the final end piece on.

Third of all, I was a little disappointed to find my mouse doesn't work with the glass top of the main working surface. It's an easy fix with a mouse pad, but I wanted to make note of it.

Lastly, my desk was just slightly off on the pre-drilled holes that connected the main horizontal board with the end pieces that fit on both sides of the main working surface. This slight misalignment makes it impossible for me to slide the main working surface back more than about four inches. At that point the fit is so tight that I have to use all my grip strength just to pull it back out again. I'd love to hear back from someone at Studio Desk to see if there is anything I could do to alleviate that issue. It's not an important enough feature to affect any part of my overall review, but it'd be nice to do something about it if possible.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase - Studio Desk just made a fan for life.

Thanks for your Review and your suggestions. Hope we were be able to help in our direct replay.

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