Beat Desk All White Limited Edition
Beat Desk All White Limited Edition
Beat Desk All White Limited Edition
Beat Desk All White Limited Edition
Beat Desk All White Limited Edition
Beat Desk All White Limited Edition

Beat Desk All White Limited Edition

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The compact and versatile desk provides just enough space to accommodate up to 61 key keyboard on a pull-out shelf and up to 4 U 19″  standard rack gear. The desk can easily be transformed from your home studio to everyday desk.

The Beat was built to be the ideal home studio workstation, using perfectly optimized, ergonomic space. This brand new sleek design follows our known detail to aesthetics. This all white (top shelves are black) version of the Beat is carefully planned to match workflow of home recording producers or hobbyists. This optimized workspace gives you the ability to install up to 4 rack units that are easily within reach during production.  The pull-out keyboard tray will hold a 61 key keyboard or controller (up to 15 kg), giving you enough leg space under the tray. Its pull-out tray can be pulled out up to 27 cm. If this is not enough, the main board of the desk can be pushed inward, opening your keyboard and positioning you closer to your screen or laptop. The Beat’s spacious top shelves are angled towards you to ensure that you are in the sweet spot. The space on the top shelves is big enough to accommodate two 24″ screens. To give your desk a look of extreme elegance and easy maintenance, we close the design out with black tempered glass and an imprinted white Beat logo.


Technical specs
  • Solid build from MDF board
  • Legs made from 38 mm MDF,  lacquered with high-gloss piano finish
  • Desk boards made from 25 mm MDF, lacquered with matte finish
  • 4 U standard 19″ rack space
  • Spacious and angled top shelf’s for audio monitors
  • Pull out keyboard tray for 61 key keyboard
  • Push in main desk board with accent 4 mm tempered glass
  • Spacious cable management under the desk
  • Adjustable desk tips for uneven floors
  • Maximum keyboard size: W1070 x D350 x H103 mm / W42.12" x D13.77" x H4.05"
  • Piano Height for keyboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • General dimensions L 1646 x H 905 x D 817 / W64.80" x H35.62" x D 32.16" 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I Love it!

It's beautiful , it's useful, it's great quality, I won a lot of place in the studio thanks to this Beats Limited Desk... So of course, I love it!

Our mission is accomplished. Thank you very much! Enjoy your desk to the max!
Amazing desk for studio

I purchased the white, limited edition beat desk, speaker stands and the ergonomic chair from Studio Desk and I couldn't be happier. I've owned a few studio desks over the years but hands down this is my favorite. The set up was relatively easy and looks amazing with the LED lighting as a finishing touch. This desk has just the right amount of rack/shelf space for a home studio and really enables a better workflow than any of my previous desks. The sliding top is one of my favorite parts about the desk and it makes it even more convenient to reach the keyboard underneath. I use an Aeron as my primary chair but the ergonomic chair from studio desk makes a perfect 2nd option for visiting artists (it's extremely comfortable and it was also very easy to set up). I highly recommend studio desk if you're in the market for a new setup.

Thank you for your review Suhaib. With your satisfaction, our mission has been accomplished and we can't be happier. Stay well and creative! StudioDesk team
Great desk

100% worth the purchase. Looks great, set up was easy, 10/10 would recommend. Gotten many compliments. Love the desktop push in feature and pull out drawer. Delivered in about 5-6 days.

Thank you Nicholas! Enjoy your desk to the max! StudioDesk team
Perfect Studio Desk

I always wanted to have some sort of ties with music artistically, whether it be djing, writing, producing, singing, etc. started off djing but producing always caught my eyes. Made a decision to buy a desk and get it rolling and looking through different options, this desk just stood out. The price range was great and had character to it, unlike most other desk that are just plainly wood. Delivery was horrid as the UPS it was being delivered from had horrible reviews. Paying 200+ dollars for shipping wasn’t worth it with my personal experience with the shipping company (UPS). The setup was quite easy as I was following along a video with my dad. Good Father Son time. The only thing I struggled with a bit was the pull out tray for the keyboard. It had to be really precise and was scared of breaking the sliders/holders. We did hear a few of the little balls inside the sliders just fall off as we were trying to get the tray in. Otherwise it was a smooth operation. Look at this beauty! Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for your review Jonathan! We love how it turns out and regret for your bad experience with UPS :(

Order was not available ... late information. No manual for assembly, or online link. One whole did not fit with the screw. Like the quality of the product.

Thanks for your review. We regret for your inconvenience. There is a card inside the desk hardware with the links to Assembly manuals. Another email is sent to every customer after desk is shipped out. It seams that for some reason, our email with the all information about your order and the links to the page with video and ready to print assembly manuals didn't reach you. You should contact us immediately and we would help you with it right away. Same is with the screws and holes. Our desks are produced with CNC precise technology which insure that every part and every desk is 1000% identical. Others didn't mention to have a problem, so we assume that the problem must be somewhere else. To all people reading this, please contact our customers care department if you stumble to the any kind of problem.

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