Beat Desk Black
Beat Desk Black
Beat Desk Black
Beat Desk Black
Beat Desk Black
Beat Desk Black

Beat Desk Black

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The compact and versatile desk provides just enough space to accommodate up to 61 key keyboard on a pull-out shelf and up to 4 U 19″  standard rack gear. The desk can easily be transformed from your home studio to an everyday desk.

Beat Desk Black Workstation

The Beat was built to be the ideal home studio workstation, using perfectly optimized, ergonomic space. This brand new sleek design follows our known detail to aesthetics. This version of the Beat is carefully planned to match the workflow of home recording producers or hobbyists. This optimized workspace gives you the ability to install up to 4 rack units that are easily within reach during production.  The pull-out keyboard tray will hold a 61 key keyboard or controller (up to 15 kg), giving you enough leg space under the tray. Its pull-out tray can be pulled out up to 27 cm. If this is not enough, the main board of the desk can be pushed inward, opening your keyboard and positioning you closer to your screen or laptop. The Beat’s spacious top shelves are angled towards you to ensure that you are in the sweet spot. The space on the top shelves is big enough to accommodate two 24″ screens. To give your desk a look of extreme elegance and easy maintenance, we close the design out with black tempered glass and an imprinted white Beat logo.


Technical specs
  • Solid build from MDF board
  • Legs made from 38 mm MDF,  lacquered with high-gloss piano finish
  • Desk boards made from 25 mm MDF, lacquered with matte finish
  • 4 U standard 19″ rack space
  • Spacious and angled top shelf’s for audio monitors
  • Pull out keyboard tray for 61 key keyboard
  • Push in main desk board with accent 4 mm tempered glass
  • Spacious cable management under the desk
  • Adjustable desk tips for uneven floors
  • Maximum keyboard size: W1070 x D350 x H103 mm / W42.12" x D13.77" x H4.05"
  • Piano Height for keyboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • General dimensions L 1646 x H 905 x D 817 / W64.80" x H35.62" x D 32.16" 


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
I Love it!

It's beautiful, it's useful, it's great quality, I won a lot of place in the studio thanks to this Beats Limited Desk... So of course, I love it!

Our mission is accomplished. Thank you very much! Enjoy your desk to the max!
J’en avais rêvé !!

Livraison sur palette en bois sécurisée, tuto youtube clair, aucun défaut ...
Je suis enchanté de cette nouvelle installation, pro, design et bien pensée !


It’s amazing and it helps out allot it makes my work Flow so much better

Thanks for your review and pointing out about workflow. Many times people think that it is just a fancy desk. Aside of the design, the Workflow is something what our desk are all about. Enjoy your desk and let us share your setup pic with the world.

Beat Desk All Black

Professional Quality Workspace

From the moment my Studio Desk arrived in its 315lb shipping crate, I knew I'd made the right decision. Every part of this desk is sleek and professional, and it's completely transformed my studio space. It's the kind of center piece that brings everything together and gives it a purpose. The quality and efficient use of space is inspiring.

A couple of things I'll note:

First of all, I wasn't entirely prepared for just how heavy this thing is. Getting the pieces unloaded and moved around took a significant amount of time and effort.

Second of all, I highly recommend using the video guide to put this together. I actually found the printed version to be very hard to follow along with and some of the pictures weren't helpful at all. Another note: if you are purchasing the Beat Series Limited Edition, be forewarned that the video guide is for the regular version of the Beat Series, which doesn't have the top shelf that goes all the way across. Make sure you install the top shelf BEFORE you put the final end piece on.

Third of all, I was a little disappointed to find my mouse doesn't work with the glass top of the main working surface. It's an easy fix with a mouse pad, but I wanted to make note of it.

Lastly, my desk was just slightly off on the pre-drilled holes that connected the main horizontal board with the end pieces that fit on both sides of the main working surface. This slight misalignment makes it impossible for me to slide the main working surface back more than about four inches. At that point the fit is so tight that I have to use all my grip strength just to pull it back out again. I'd love to hear back from someone at Studio Desk to see if there is anything I could do to alleviate that issue. It's not an important enough feature to affect any part of my overall review, but it'd be nice to do something about it if possible.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase - Studio Desk just made a fan for life.

Thanks for your Review and your suggestions. Hope we were be able to help in our direct replay.

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