Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black
Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black

Ergo 2.0 - Ergonomic Studio Chair Black

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The chair is of big importance for your overall feeling and health.

As a producer, most of your working time you'll spend sitting on a chair.  Having an ergonomic chair supporting your body on the right points is of great importance and is one of the best investments for people who are doing their job by sitting long hours. Not only that Ergo 2.0. is extremely comfortable and ergonomic, we went one step farther adding features like adjustable Armrest to be adjusted up and down and moved forward-backward allowing you to find your best possible position. Ergo 2.0. is designed to support the most important part of your back, lumbar region of the spine. If you are not used to having proper lumbar support, it might take some time for your body to get used to it. Ergo 2.0. Studio Chair can be locked into a straight position and 3 other back positions or unlocked to swivel backward for these chilling moments. There is practically no plastic involved in constructional parts of this chair. Extra soft PU Leather covers high-quality foam inside, not too soft, not and not too hard either. Not only that Ergo 2.0. giving you exceptional support to your body, it gives you this sleek minimalistic look that perfectly fits your new StudioDesk. It will last for many years to come from all aspects. Ergo 2.0. comes in two different colors - light grey and Black.

Technical specs
  • Solid build
  • Still base in chrome finish
  • 5 x Black PU wheel
  • Easy Rolling in all directions even on the carpets
  • Armrest padded with the foam
  • Armrest adjustable up and down, front and back movements. 
  • Extreme back support
  • High-density foam seat and backrest
  • High-quality PU leather 
  • Single Handle lock Mechanism for adjusting height and lock function in three lower positions. 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Sit adjustable in height withing range from 45 - 56 cm / "17.71 - 22" inches from the ground.
  • Sit width 53 cm / 20.86"
  • Sit depth 53 cm / 20.86"
  • General dimensions when on lowest position H 117 x D 66 x W 67 / H "46 x D 26" x W 26.37"
  • Weight 22 kg 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great firm working chair

A great and firm chair at a good price. Struggled doing the assembly, being a single guy. But figure it out.

Great chair!

Very comfortable! Can go a little higher than most chairs, which is nice. Great lower back support.

Ergo Chair Review

The chair is amazing and definitely will pass on this company for their products to other producers. Thank you guys for putting out great products.

Nitro Norm
Producer Of ESPN PBA TOUR Rap

Thank you Norman!

Better than most Available, but!

Way to expensive, for what I received.

ERGO 2.0

So I could barely find any reviews on this desk chair before purchasing. After assessing my options I took the plunge and received it (U.S) with in about a week and a half. To my surprise it arrived at my curb in a semi truck, not your typical UPS truck.

pictured: is my very first impression of the build quality. This is the weld job for the "feet" part of the chair. even though this center part gets covered by a decorative plastic cap, I was a little disappointed in the messy weld for a chair in such price range. Albeit, that's admittedly a petty complaint but the armrests have a similar and more conspicuous weld spot. The assembly was very quick and easy. No missing parts or complications of any kind. Took under a half hour to unbox and assemble by myself.

Once installed I took her for a test drive with my Commander V2 it fit well. the wheels rolled smoothly even though they're plastic and seemingly cheap. It truly works on carpet/rugs. I'm impressed with the balance design. It's actually difficult for me to tip the chair over when trying. I do only weigh about 140lbs. but still worth mentioning.
Another gripe I have noticed is one other producers will surely agree with me on: when leaning forward from reclined position the leather from the back and seat rubs consistently and somewhat loudly. I've thought to try some kind of lubricant. But am wary of harming the leather.
The biggest question on my mind when choosing this chair was it's compatibility with guitar. Since it's designed for music engineers and has forward/backward adjustable armrests, I thought maybe this chair would be better than alternatives because of this. But after a week or so with the armrests, I decided to remove them and now I'm very happy and comfortable when tracking guitars.

With my negatives out of the way, let's mention the positives!
this chair is really comfortable and supportive in the lower back. I tend to slouch and practice poor posture. I have been using it for gaming, watching YouTube, producing music. I honestly have never had a desk chair in this price range before but this totally met my expectations in terms of comfort. the lower back arch looks a bit extreme but It's not intrusive at all, for me anyway.

In terms of looks, I'm very happy that I purchased this chair. my back certainly is.
Don't expect this chair to be perfect. like Studio Desk's other products, it is nice but still over priced.
hope this helps anyone else shopping for a desk chair.

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