Music Commander Full set white - reissue
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019
Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019

Music Commander Full Set White - Reissue 2019

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This full bundle set consisted of big Music Commander desk Reissued model, adjustable keyboard stand and our floor rack unit providing you an ideal working station for your home studio.

Music Commander was our first design and most sold unit of all times. We decided to keep it alive and made some small changes and added new features in this Reissue version. Organizing your complete studio workstation on this perfectly optimized ergonomic space in now even better. The state-of-the-art design and careful planning of this desk allow you to have your complete home studio set-up taking up only 2 square meters. This time we made it adjustable in height. Giving you more space for your legs or more clearance to accommodate the biggest 88 keys workstations in the market.  Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for best playing experience. Pull the keyboard stand out when you need to play. Push it under the desk when you don't. Additional rack space for up to 8 standard rack units is provided on floor rack cabinet on casters.

Technical specs
  • Main desk
    Corpus – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – White matte finish
    8 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable legs tips
    Dimensions W 1823/ D 840/490 H 1013 mm / 71.77" x D 33.07" x H 39.88"
  • Keyboard stand
    Corpus Black high Gloss piano finish
    Desk white matte finish
    Mobility – high-end casters
    Dimensions W 1540 D 450 H 676 mm / W 60.62" x 17.71" x 26.61" 
  • Floor Rack unit
    White matte Finish
    Mobility – high-end casters

  • Dimensions W 550 D 490 H 665 mm / W 21.65" x D 19.29" x H 26.18"

 *Some colors on the pictures may differentiate from the described model.

With this set, we recommend ordering a set of cage nuts and screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best desk I ever owned

Very nice and state of the art.

Thank you Spiro, with you being satisfied, our mission is accomplished. Stay well and creative! StudioDesk team
Best stuff

Thumbs up to the makers

Thank you so much!
Like me you'll be very happy you did!!!!!

I recently purchased my Studio Desk from Europe to be shipped to me here in Los Angeles California. After about 4 to 8 weeks of manufacturing my desk the Studio Commander was completed and shipped directly to my home studio as promised! Wow it was a amazing sight to watch them unload the crate containing my precious desk into my garage. The desk was package so neatly in boxes and protect padding. After carring it piece by piece from the garage upstairs I went to work assembling. The directions for assembly were very clear and easy to follow and with in one hour I completed my desk which is recommended a two man job I did by myself. OMG it's absolutely beautiful! I just sat back in amazement at the sight of my awesome Studio Commander. Now my studio looks and feels like a real studio. I recommend purchasing the lighting system as well. This desk was the best invest I made in my recording studio. I recommend it to home and professional studio owners. Like me you'll be very happy you did!!!!!

Big Marv
Singer, songwriter, and record producer
Freestyle Records Inc.

I would highly recommend this to all amateur and professional studios

I've had the Music Commander set for almost a year now, and really, this thing will survive a lifetime I think! High quality build and materials ensure that this beast could probably survive a bomb blast without so much as a scratch! The desk is beautifully spacious as well, with heaps of room for things on the main unit of the desk, and easy access to the top rack panels. The separate keyboard desk is an excellent addition as well, fitting neatly right beneath the main desk when it isn't being used, same goes for the floor rack unit. Assembly is pretty straightforward as well, I managed to assemble it all myself, although this isn't totally recommended as some parts can be a little heavy, so just be careful if you decide to do this, or else get at least 1 other person to help you. The LED lights are also a fantastic addition to the desk, providing a plethora of mood lights to help inspire you in your studio sessions.
Overall, I'm highly delighted with this robust and spacious piece of art, and would highly recommend this to all amateur and professional studios.

I recommend them highly

When I began looking for new studio furniture, I wasn't really happy with what was available until I found StudioDesk. This is clearly the best looking and designed furniture I have seen anywhere. It took a while from the order to delivery and then the assembly process but it turned out great and is working very well for my needs in my home studio. I recommend them highly and they are very flexible on color options if needed.

Thank you Paul!

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