ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
Orbit Full set
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black
ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black

ORBIT Workstation with One Rack Module All black

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Fully featured motorized sit and stand workstation designed for Professional or home recording producers.  

Orbit Workstation

ORBIT workstation is here to change the standards. Spacious, Modular, Protected, State-Of-The-Art Design, innovative features, ergonomics carefully planned to the finest details. Your perfect workstation will make everybody jealous.

Modular design allows you to create the workstation according to your needs. Each module added to the configuration gives you 2U rack spaces. If your setup grows with time and you need more rack spaces, Simply add another module to your workstation. By adding up to a maximum of 3 modules your desk will accommodate a total of 6 U rack spaces. The placement of the rack modules and angle are adjustable in all directions ( can be moved front, back left, and right and fixed in place) so you are able to set it up the way you like it. Should you need more space in the central part of the desk just move side modules sideways and angle them towards you to be placed in the sweet spot. 

Electric motors allow you to adjust your desk in perfect height anywhere in the range between 700 and 1200 mm. You will be able to work or play in a sitting or standing position whenever you decide so. In the configuration of three modules puzzled together, a spacious top shelf is created in a total length of 1900 mm. Which monitor setup you are going to place on top of it, we are leaving to your imagination. 

Interchangeable padded armrest, angled aggressive design, lacquered surface, Aluminum cable inlay in the center of the desk, and RGB LED lights with every module are standard. 

RGB LED lights installed inside the modules, lighting your space and surrounding discretely through the grills which give this desk a stunning look. Optional Swivel Speaker shelves, Adjustable in height Pull out option for Midi Keyboard is available separately or in bundles. Check accessories available on this page.

Whether you are a hobbyist, aspired musician, or music producer, the ORBIT workstation can be easily adapted to your needs and will be the workstation with features you were looking for a long time. 

Technical specs
  • Electric motorized legs – Black matt finish 
  • Adjustable height in the range between 700 - 1200 mm.
  • Orbit Electric platform lifts 120 kg maximum load (including desk and module weight 62kg)
  • Desk surface – Lacquered mate 
  • One rack module 2 U is added to this configuration
  • Rack modules can be moved in all directions and fixed in place 
  • Angled ergonomic design 
  • Serial RGB LED lights when the Rack module is purchased                        
  • Interchangeable PU Leather padded armrest in various colors
  • Cable management under the desk
  • Aluminum large cable inlay in the central portion
  • Adjustable legs tips for uneven floors
  • Motors work on current 110 - 220 V 50hz. 

Important- Please note that the weight balance on the front and back of the desk including the recommended weight of the gear's is important to avoid the pendulum effect in the desk's extended position. Should you not be able to balance it evenly, do not consider an in-height adjustable desk. If you are not sure, contact us for more info.  

NOTE: The desk is supplied with an EU plug in Europe and a USA plug in the USA. 
Dimensions: W 1944 D 1008 H 700 -1250 mm / 76.53" x D 39.68" x H 2755 - 49.21"

 *Some colors on the pictures may vary from the described model.

* Some pictures are illustrative and show equipment that is not included in the current product. 

 Is it hard to assemble this desk? No, it is not! We are guiding you with step by step video assembly manual. You can check it here. For the keyboard pullout, check it here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rui Miguel Lima Dos Santos (Bern, CH)

le bureaux de la série Orbit 10/10.
Je suis un client heureux et satisfait, je recommande ce produit sans aucune hésitation, il est très beau visuellement.
l'assemblage du bureaux extrêmement simple et rapide à faire
Excellente qualité, le toucher du bois est vraiment agréable.
et le plus important pour moi
c'est de pouvoir mettre les bureaux à la bonne hauteur
pour un meilleur confort de jeu du piano.
Je suis un client exigeant et je ne trouve rien à dire.
Je suis agréablement surpris.
qualité, finition, confort et beauté du produit 10/10.
Un grand merci à (Ziva Krajnc) et à (jagadeesh p) du service client de studio desk Europe, pour leur qualité de service.
Et merci au studio desk pour ce merveilleux produit.

Greg Wal (Krakow, PL)
A very good desk

I bought this desk in July and has been using it since.
I will start with my biggest issue: assembly. The instruction was for the wrong model (Xtreme, not Orbit), some of the screws were wrong (luckily I had some spare screws of the proper size), and one of the holes in the metal frame wasn't cut out properly (I tried to drill it out, but to no avail). Also, the video instruction for assembly should include installation of keyboard rack BEFORE connecting frame to the desk.
The other big issue for me was the keyboard tray, but I will write about it in other review.

Apart from the initial issues, I must say that it is a very good desk. And it is HUGE! For the first few weeks I had to get used to the size. But thanks to how much space I have, I can easily place everything I need on it. The possibility to add a keyboard tray, thanks to which I could move my keyboard under the desk, is also a huge advantage. The height adjustment is a great feature, ability to work standing is great and I use it on many occasions. Also, the modularity and adjustability of elements is nice - whether you need rack modules or monitor stands or to change the position of the modules, it gives a lot of possibility to adjust your working space
I don't use LED lighting at all, but it might be interesting for people who like such gadgets.
The desk could be a little bit more sturdy (maybe I screwed the elements a bit too loose?), because when I play my keyboard more intense than usually, everything shakes.
Overall, I give the desk 4 stars out of 5. I expected more for the price, but it's still a very good desk.

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