Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White
Virtuoso Desk Black&White

Virtuoso Desk Black&White

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Versatile desk designed to be easily transformed to the desk of your needs. With its impressive 18 U Rack spaces, 88 Keyboard tray, Swivel speaker shelves, Spacious Cable management, space for two Video monitors at the comfortable lower position are just some of the unique features of VIRTUOSO Workstation. 

VIRTUOSO Series is designed to match the demand for a massive 18 U rack outboard gear combined with 88 Key Keyboards. It can easily be transformed to the desk with the desired number of rack slots, 6 U, 12 U, 18 U or none. Optional rack beam covers transforming desk rack beams to a perfect angled platform for all your controllers and Machines. Keyboard tray will accommodate the biggest 88 Key workstations on the market. VIRTUOSO will give you first-class comfort during long hours of work placing your keys on a Piano height. Speaker shelves are on the perfect level. Swivel Shelf is helping the producer to move monitors towards him, finding a sweet spot. Video monitors sitting on the ergonomic height. Cable inserts guide your gear cables to the summing cable management hidden under the video monitor shelf. For the first time, we used Carbon Matte finish for the desk legs which differentiate VIRTUOSO from our other models making it sleek looking.


Technical specs
  • Solid build
  • Legs made from 38 mm MDF,  lacquered with carbon white matte finish
  • Desk boards made from 25 mm laminated chipboard.
  • 18 U standard 19″ rack space
  • Swivel speaker shelves  W 250 x  D 300 mm
  • Spacious monitor shelf’s in full length for video monitors with cable outlets.
  • Keyboard tray with two cable outlets.
  • Spacious cable management, hidden under the monitor shelf.
  • Adjustable desk tips for uneven floors
  • Maximum keyboard size: W 1520 x D 350 x H 200 mm / W 59.84" x D 13.77" x H 7.87
  • Easy to assemble – step by step video assembly manuals available
  • General Dimensions W 1596 x H 1045 x D 900 mm / W 62.83" x D 41.14" x D 35.43"
  • Optional rack beam covers to transform rack space to angled desk surface are available.
  •  Optional PC keyboard swivel shelf and rack Bay covers available. 

     *Color on the pics may vary.

     With this model, we recommend ordering a set of cage nuts and screws

    Is it hard to assemble this desk? No, it is not! We are guiding you with step by step video assembly manual.

    Virtuoso Assembly Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Darius Fentress (Fort Worth, US)
    Exceeded My Expectations!!!

    The StudioDesk Virtuoso desk is the perfect fit for my home mixing/production studio. I love the hybrid design that caters to my music creation side, and the ergonomic feel of the 18U rack space that eases my mixing workflow. The sleek design is very appealing to the eyes. This is, in my opinion, the best option StudioDesk offers for those of us who have hybrid studio setups. There's plenty of rack space for analog gear, and desk space for a keyboard/controller. Plus, they did a really great job with the cable management. I do recommend that you purchase the cage nut and rack screws with this product. Overall I give 5 stars!!!

    Eugene Morgan (Seattle, US)

    I am at a loss for words! Hands down the best studio desk ever! The functionality and having all of your equipment right in front of you is amazing! The built in speaker stands, to the wire management, and the design is just simply unbeatable! Now I did have a QC issue, but to be fair we don't know where it may of happened from the time of shipping to delivery! But with all of that, Customer Service was phenomenal and took care of me right away!

    Side note(I added a pair of 1U racks underneath the desk on each side for my power conditioners, and saved my rack space for actual gear, and it looks amazing, like they should've came like that!

    Highly recommended! Aaaaaaa+++++

    Maj (Charleston, US)
    Wow, this quality is insane

    I can’t believe the cost of this desk. I will be ordering another. If you are handy with tools this is very easy to build using the hand written manual. I built it alone but would recommend help if you have it. Took me less than 2 hrs. Customer service responds immediately, and was very fair and quick to correct a mistake I made on initial order. I can’t say anything but great happiness from this experience. Desk arrives pristine. The delivery crate alone gave me a big smile. I’m using as mastering desk, with Neve 5060 and Softube Fader + Console 1 with stand in the keyboard tray, and they fit perfectly with room for my tea and TC Clarity in the middle. No offense to other desk makers, but there is no competition and I’ve seen the best!

    Greg Gentry (Chattanooga, US)
    Love it

    Desk is super high quality and very flexible. Not many other desks out there like this in this price range.

    Justus Yearous (Seattle, US)

    Absolutely amazing desk, feel like it was made for my needs. If you have a good amount of rack gear and want to have it at arms reach, while still having enough room for your keyboard or toys, this is the one.

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